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Do you have an event, seminar or depositon you need to stream live over the internet?  We can stream live video for large public events or small private events.  Call us to discuss the many options to webcast your event or lecture.

What better way to attract your visitors' attention and communicate your message?  We can encode, upload and host your internet video and audio files for your visitors to seamlessly watch or listen to.  We also offer full video production and encoding services to embed the videos on your own website.

No need to open a separate media player or pick the right connection speed.  Our program automatically adjusts the video size and quality according to each persons connection speed.  Or we can use one of the standard media players.  (i.e. windows media, quicktime or flash)

Visitors just click and watch.  Everything is automatically streamed to their computer or you can use a progressive download video file. 
Your message can also play automatically once your web page opens.  No need to click the play button.

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